Weeknotes, 29th September

Making the most of a lull, my week in review.

This week has been more about resting than working. I’m in a slightly quieter phase with client work, but things will start to ramp up again soon, so I’m taking advantage of the lull while I can.


I wrote the next edition of 10 Things and an article for my website. I also started work on a new toolkit — it’s been ages since I put a new one out into the world. All this writing focuses on content strategy and going back to basics, explaining what it is, what it covers, and why it matters. I’ve been sharing this information as talks and workshops for ages, but I’ve never published it anywhere.


I started the day working on a landing page and messaging for a legal service geared towards artists, which was a nice challenge. I ended it by recording my talk for Button. I think it went okay. I hate these ‘one shot to get it right’ scenarios, and never feel as relieved as you’d expect afterwards.


It was my husband’s birthday, so I took the day off. As well as hanging out with him, I also took the dog for a walk somewhere new. I love finding new dog walking spots — this one is near a little cafe and is obviously the hangout for dog owners in the area. I had nice chats, the dog got a sausage, and I picked hawthorns, rosehips, and sloes to submerge in booze. I also finished reading Wintering by Katherine May. I loved the concept of the book — the power of taking a fallow period of rest in difficult times — but the reality didn’t live up to my expectations. It was written from a privileged and slightly narrow-minded point of view that riled me up. However, the bits about nature — dormice and robins in particular — were beautiful.


Lots of little bits. I sent a bunch of emails, sorted out a contract for a new client, planned agendas, did a bit of writing, and built a web page. I also went to the cinema to see The Nettle Dress, a beautiful film about grief and textiles. It was filmed in the woods where I walk my dog most days, a lot of it specifically in the bit of the woods that me and the dog love best. It was lovely to see this place that I love so muc represented so perfectly on screen.


A few calls, but brain fog made everything after that pretty impossible.

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