Weeknotes: 20th October

This week was all about Button.

What can I say about Button 2023?! I’m feeling totally overwhelmed in the best possible way.

My brain is overflowing with ideas sparked by my fellow speakers: Storytelling with content design! Too much celebration in copy! Safe crits! Bucket hats! Inclusive sex education bots! Every single talk was a banger.

I’m feeling really humbled by the warm response to my talk about thriving in the everything, everywhere, all at once of content design, too. I channelled a lot of angst into this, and it was a relief that it seemed to resonate with other people too. And I love the way so many threads came together with things from the other talks, from burnout, to letting shit ship, to love of Peggy Olson.

I’m amazed at how the team managed to recreate all the good vibes I remember from the in-person Confab I attended years ago. It was so well-organised, and Kristina Halvorson was the best, warmest host. And everyone on Slack was an absolute joy, too.

PS, I want to do this talk again! If you want a speaker to come and give an anti-pep talk about doing less as a route to being more effective, give me a shout. I might also host a version myself for charity folk if there’s any interest as the talk was largely inspired by the tidal wave of desperation and need we’re trying to remedy with content. If you would like to hear it, let me know.

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