Weeknotes: 19th January

Doing enough.

My first weeknotes of 2024. It’s been an abrupt start to the year: straight back into a full flow of intense activity. I’ve already done:

  • 15 calls
  • 4 workshops (all this week)
  • 3 trips to London
  • 2 events (with a third on Monday)
  • 2 articles researched and structured
  • 1 one email newsletter
  • 1 proposal

The events I’ve been running are all about being more intentional with your time and energy, narrowing focus, embracing limitations, setting boundaries, etc. So I’m hearing, talking and thinking a lot about energy and capacity at the moment.

One of the slides I present in the event reads ‘There’s no shame in doing less’. A few people told me afterwards that those words made them feel conflicted. It’s a conflict that I know well: ‘Yes other people should do less and stop giving themselves a hard time, but I can’t because I’m not good enough’. That conflict is part of what made me write the talk and run the event in the first place. But it’s a conflict that I clearly haven’t totally resolved…

When I sat down to write this weeknotes post, I had the idea that it was going to be about how I wasn’t doing enough and the first few weeks back at work had been a bit of a disaster. I’d had to take time off to rest because I was ill, and I hadn’t upheld all the habits I know support my wellbeing. But then I actually stopped and thought about it:

  • I haven’t done everything, but I’ve done all the important work and met all my deadlines
  • I got ill, but I took some time off to rest
  • I didn’t stretch everyday, but I’ve been to two yoga classes
  • I didn’t mediate everyday, but I did breathwork or a grounding exercise on more than half the days
  • I didn’t go to the dark room, but I made some little collages at work
  • I saw my best friend from school for dinner and I had a coffee and chat with a new content friend

So on balance, I’m doing enough. Enough work, almost enough rest, almost enough battery-recharging stuff.

A collage with a cut-out of a cyanotype photo, some ink stamp marks, and type that reads 'It does not have to be good'. The collage it not very good.

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