Editorial content

Links to editorial content, like news, blog posts, and stories. This content can help you show what you do, rather than just tell. It can illustrate, bring things to life, or add an up-to-date element.

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News or blog

Links to recent news stories or blog posts. It’s crucial to make sure this will be up to date. If you don’t publish news or blog posts on a regular basis, don’t use this element – it will make your homepage look out of date.

Website screenshot of the Age UK homepage. The header reads: ‘Latest news and views’. There are images, titles, and standfirsts for four recent news stories. There’s also a ‘Read more articles’ link.
A latest news panel on the Age UK homepage. This provides a view into lots of different aspects of the charity’s work and also adds relevance by focusing on current events.

Stories or case studies

Links to stories or case studies that illustrate what you do or how you help.

Website screenshot of the Change Grow Live homepage. The quote reads: ‘Through volunteering, I see something in my future. I know I can still make something out of my life. I can make a difference in someone else’s life.’ There’s a link to ‘Read Jose’s story’ and also a large portrait photo of him.
A story on the Change Grow Live homepage. This illustrates the peer model that’s a key part of how the charity delivers its services.


A link to your podcast (if you have one). You could also embed a podcast player.

Website screenshot of the WWF homepage. The header reads: ‘Call of the wild’. The standfirst reads: ‘Listen to our award-winning Podcast hosted by WWF ambassador Cel Spellman, as he chats with familiar figures and top nature experts to dig deeper into the threats we’re facing and what each of us can do to help.’ There’s also an image of Cel Spellman and a ‘Listen now’ link.
WWF promotes its award-winning podcast on the homepage. A podcast might act as a hook for supporters to engage with WWF and the issues it campaigns about on a more regular basis.

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