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If you have an online shop, offline shops, specific products, or even paid-for services that are an important source of income, you might want to promote them on your homepage.

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Online shop

A link to an online shop.


A CTA to buy a specific product.

Website screenshot of a dual panel on the PDSA homepage. One is for the PDSA pet store with a ‘Shop our range’ link. The other is for PDSA pet insurance with a ‘Find out more’ link.
The PDSA homepage shares a link to its pet product shop and its pet insurance policy. With both of these options, PDSA takes care to emphasise how they support its work.

Offline shop

A finder/search tool or a link to find a local shop.

Website screenshot of the Scope homepage. The header reads: ‘Charity shops’. The standfirst reads: ‘Pick up a bargain or give us the stuff you don’t want, and help disabled children get the best start in life.’ There’s a ‘Find a charity shop near you’ button.
Scope has a link on its homepage to find your local charity shop. The copy mentions both buying and donating, and emphasises how this supports the charity.

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