Content audit toolkit

Welcome to your content audit toolkit. You’re about to find out what’s *really* going on with your website…

A content audit will give you a comprehensive picture of all the content on your site and whether it’s useful, usable, and up to date.

It’s a chance to shine a light on the forgotten corners, declutter, reorganise, and improve. It’ll also highlight gaps and opportunities for new content.

This toolkit will guide you through planning and carrying out an audit. It’s something I’ve built up over years of doing audits myself.

How to use this toolkit

  1. Make a copy of the four document templates (linked on this page). 
  2. Work your way through the 12 modules in order. The modules will walk you through the process of an audit from start to finish.
  3. Fill in the planner as you go. The planner is where you capture the details of how you’re going to approach your audit. The modules will prompt you when there’s a section to fill in.
  4.  Use your inventory, audit, and report as directed by the modules.
  5. Leave feedback as you go – I read it all, and make updates and improvements based on it.

Got a question?

Email me at

If your question is about something specific to your audit rather than about the toolkit I will try to help, but it depends on the complexity.



Get the content audit planner template


Map out exactly how you'll approach your audit
Get the audit planner template (Google Docs)


Get the content audit spreadsheet template


A spreadsheet to guide your through your audit.
Get the audit spreadsheet template (Google Docs)


Get the content inventory spreadsheet template


A spreadsheet to list all your content.
Get the inventory spreadsheet template (Google Docs)


Get the content audit report template


A content audit report to help you communicate your findings
Get the audit report template (Google Docs)

When you click the buttons, you will be invited to log in to your Google account and make a new copy of the template.

Alternatively, you can download the files. This toolkit has been created in and for Google Docs. You may need to update or edit formulas for them to work in Microsoft Office or other document formats: