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Content or links to copy that tells a story about who you are and what you do. This kind of homepage content is all about great copy, effective messaging, and getting your story across. I’d suggest that all but the most well-known brands (and probably even them too) need to include some content from this category on their homepage.

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Tagline, mission, or proposition

Copy saying what your brand does, stands for, or can do for the user.

Website screenshot of Shopify’s homepage. It reads: ‘If you can dream it, you can sell it with Shopify. Build your business here. Take it anywhere.’
Ecommerce platform Shopify shares its proposition as the first element on its homepage, in clear, inspiring, user-focused terms.

About us or what we do

Brief copy with a link to more information on an about us or what we do page.

Website screenshot of Butternut Box’ homepage. It reads: ‘How we’re changing dog food for good’ with longer introductory copy and a ‘Read our story’ link. There’s an image of the founders too.
Dog food company Butternut Box calls out three key things about what it does that have meaning and value for the user.
It also puts a face to the brand by showing the founders.

Brand benefits / features

Copy explaining your brand’s benefits or key features, focusing on your overall proposition. Can include a link to more information.

Website screenshot of Monzo’s homepage. It explains that you can open an account in 15 minutes, organise money, and see spending insights.
Challenger bank Monzo highlights three key benefits and features of their product in user-focused terms, complete with screenshots to show as well as tell.


Numbers that help show what you do, quantify your benefits or impact, tell a story, or get a message across.

Website screenshot of betterhelp’s homepage. It reads ‘The world's largest therapy service. 100% online. 267,68610 messages, chat, phone, video sessions. 28,475 licensed therapists ready to help. 3,409,575 people got help. The numbers are changing, counting up in real time.
Therapy platform betterhelp shows real-time statistics about its scope and the number of people it has helped.

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