Advice and information content

Content that showcases sources of advice and information, whether that’s content on your website about a specific topic, resources, research, tools, or something else.

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Information, help or advice

Links to topics, category pages, a specific piece of content, or a search/finder tool for information.

Website screenshot of Shopify’s homepage. It links to the blog, online courses, community and help centre.
Shopify links to a range of information, help and advice content that will enable users to get the most out of the platform.
Website screenshot of Farewill’s homepage. It has links to guides on topics like ‘How to make a will’.
Will provider Farewill has links to guides about different topics connected with death and making a will, to help users who know they need to plan for the end of their life or have recently had a death in their family but aren’t sure what to do.

Helpline or advice line

Contact details or links for a help/advice line, such as email, webchat, or phone number.

Website screenshot of Farewill’s homepage. It says ‘We’re only a phone call away’ and has a phone number and photos of members of staff. It also provides opening hours.
Farewill provides a phone number for people if they have a question. This could be a useful service for users who aren’t comfortable doing something online themselves, or who have questions about their needs.

Community, chatroom, or forum

A link to or call-to-action for an online community.

Website screenshot of Instant Pot’s homepage. It describes and links to Instant Pot’s 3 million strong community.
Cooking appliance brand Instant Pot has a vibrant online community of people who are fanatical about their product, so it links to its different recipe and tip swapping Facebook group and social media channels.

Reports, research, or publications

A link or links to reports, research, or publications

CRM platform Salesforce links to recent research reports on topics that connect to its software.
Website screenshot of Salesforce’s homepage. It has a link to and description of a recent report the ‘State of sales report’.

Resources, templates, or tools

A link or links to resources, templates, or tools.

Website screenshot of Canva’s homepage. It shows a grid of attractive booking templates for flyers, social posts and more.
Design tool Canva links to lots of the different design templates that are available in the tool. You can click on and immediately start using the templates without signing up or logging in.
Website screenshot of Money Saving Expert ’s homepage. It shows a link to a calculator that will check if your Direct Debit payment for your energy bill is correct.
Consumer advice site Money Saving Expert links to lots of different tools and calculators that help people save money or get better informed about their finances.

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