Editorial content

Links to editorial content, like news, blog posts, and stories. This content can help you show what you do, rather than just tell. It can illustrate, bring things to life, or add an up-to-date element.

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News, blog, or features

Links to recent news stories or blog posts. It’s crucial to make sure this will be up to date. If you don’t publish news or blog posts on a regular basis, don’t use this element – it will make your homepage look out of date.

Website screenshot of Wholegrain Digital’s homepage. It shows the titles and tags for recent blog posts, like ‘Can software and web design reduce e-waste?’ and a link to all posts.
Sustainability-focused WordPress agency Wholegrain Digital links to recent blog posts, which are all connected to sustainability.

Stories or case studies

Links to stories or case studies that illustrate what you do.

Website screenshot of Patagonia’s homepage. It shows links to stories like ‘A river’s own name’ and ‘In search of silence’ with estimated reading times.
Patagonia links to its recent editorial stories, which reflect a love of the outdoors and an environmental conscience.
Website screenshot of Intercom’s homepage. It links to three customer stories like ‘ Atlassian powers sales and support at scale with Intercom’.
Intercom opts to show stories about how its customers use the product and the success they have had.


A link to your podcast (if you have one). You could also embed a podcast player.

Website screenshot of IDEO’s homepage. It links to a podcast episode ‘Cofounder David Kelley Joins IDEO's New Podcast, The Big Question’.
Design company IDEO links to individual podcast episodes alongside case studies, Q&As, and other editorial content.

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