Social proof content

Content that validates all the good things you want people to know about your brand by using examples from customers/clients/users, experts, or official bodies. It can help you build trust with your users by delivering on their need for reassurance, authenticity, or validation.

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Testimonials or quotes

Quotes about your brand or testimonials from users, customers, or clients. Ideally these should be attributed to a named person.

Website screenshot of Gusto’s homepage. It shows a quote from a client, Andrea Metzler.
HR platform Gusto features a quote from a client that reiterates the brand benefits.

Clients or partners

Logos of or links to your clients or partners. These don’t have to be big names, but they should be relevant and recognisable to your users.

Website screenshot of Intercom’s homepage. It shows logos of lots of big companies like Amazon, Mets and Microsoft. It says ‘Trusted by 25k+ businesses’.
Business messaging software platform Intercom shows logos of big, well-known clients and gives the size of its client base.

Awards, accreditations, or accolades

Meaningful awards or accreditations from industry bodies, governing bodies, etc. You could also use favourable media coverage, if you think this is something that your users will value and find useful.

Website screenshot of Gusto’s homepage. It shows 4 different accolades from publications like and nerdwallet.
Gusto shows awards and accolades it has received.

Reviews or ratings

Reviews and ratings or links to reviews and ratings from your customers/clients.

Website screenshot of Pip Decks’ homepage. It shows a grid of video and written reviews with star ratings from customers.
Maker of business toolkits Pip Decks has reviews and star ratings for its products.

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