What I’m working on right now.

Bodging, workshopping, and consolidating gigantic lists of keywords: my week in review.

Taking clients on the journey, and telling them what they already know.

This week I’ve been thinking about busyness, business, and motivation.

Auditing is the content equivalent of showering and brushing your teeth: it's basic hygiene. Plus, the benefits are huge. So why isn’t everyone auditing all the time?

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In defence of tone

I read a blog post recently which argued that the concept of tone in brand voice is a 'scam'. This is one of a few discontented rumblings I've heard recently about tone. I agree with a lot of the criticism, but I'm not ready to give up tone as a section in my voice guidelines yet. Here's why.

My digital toolkit

As a solo consultant, I’m drawn to anything that promises to save me time, make my life easier, or help me do a better job. This is a snapshot of my current toolkit and how I’m using the things in it.

What I read in 2020

Here’s what I read in 2020. Or more accurately, everything I read until I got a dog and reading became impossible.

Ten Things is my newsletter. Each edition has ten links to interesting, thought-provoking, useful or beautiful things from the worlds of content, digital, business for good, culture and beyond. These are the top ten Things of the year, according to clicks from readers.

Tips, tools, and templates to help you build a coronavirus help website for your community.

What I've learnt about running successful online workshops

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