The homepage content workbook

Modules and worksheets to give you a structured, strategic approach to deciding what content to put on your homepage. 

Less guesswork, more game plan.

Take your homepage from foggy to focused

Is your homepage a bit ‘meh’? Performance not where you’d like? The problem might not be what’s on the page. 

No really. Even the best design and crispest copy won’t shine if there isn’t a solid strategy behind them. 

The problem with a lot of homepages is they start with a template of boxes to fill, or a list of assumptions about what’s needed. But a great homepage starts with planning out the ‘why’ before you create the ‘what’.

This workbook will guide you through a structured, logical process for deciding what to put on your homepage and why. It’s based on my experience of helping people through this process throughout the years.

Inside, I’ll give you a library of different content elements to choose from and worksheets to help you decide which elements to use in what order. It won’t give you wireframes or wording, but it will give you a clear plan for what content you need and why.

Workbook features

6 instructional modules

Optional support

Helpful worksheets

Lifetime access

*If I ever take the site down, I’ll send you the files to keep.

How this workbook helps

Don’t start with a blank slate

The library of content elements will give you starter ideas to choose from and plenty of inspiration.

Avoid the big mistakes

Find out the most common homepage mistakes so you can avoid them.

Lead with content

Start with content so you get a page that’s designed with the message in mind. Don’t get stuck with boxes and buttons that don’t fit the content you want to share.

Improve your user experience

Highlight ways to improve the experience your users have on your homepage through better content.

Better conversations with stakeholders

The modules and worksheets can help you have more productive discussions with stakeholders.

Have a great brief for writers and designers

The worksheets act as a brief for the process of writing, designing, and building your homepage.

‘What you put on your homepage is so important, and it’s so hard to get right. This toolkit gives you all of the information that you need to design a homepage that supports your strategic goals and meets user needs.’
Katie Dickerson, RNID

Who it's for

The workbook is for people who care about having the right content on their charity website homepage.

It’s for content folk, but also for brand, marketing, UX, and design professionals who want to get a content pro’s ideas about how to design a homepage.

It’s been designed with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in mind too, who want the best homepage possible but are working on a tight budget.

When to use it

  • Designing the content for a new homepage
  • Improving an existing homepage

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  • Instructional modules
  • Worksheets
  • Lifetime access


£ 235 Plus VAT
  • Instructional modules
  • Worksheets
  • 2 x 45 minute support calls
  • Lifetime access

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Free options

If you’re disadvantaged because of your race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, something else, or if you’re in financial hardship, you can pay what you feel for the Standard workbook.  It could be £1, £10, or another figure that feels right to you.  Email me at to get access. Don’t feel like you need to explain yourself, I believe you.

Before you buy...

  • This workbook won’t magically write and design a homepage for you. It’s a method and a collection of time-saving templates, not an automation. You need to be able to invest time in completing the method to get value from it.
  • The workbook templates have been designed for Google Sheets. You can download a version for Excel or in open document format. These copies have not been optimised, and you may need to edit them in order for them to work as intended.
  • The workbook is risk free. If you’re not happy with it, email me within seven days for a full refund.
  • After you pay, you will be able to log in and see the modules on this website and make copies of the templates. I’ll also email you a link to the workbook
  • When you buy the workbook, you are buying a licence to use it and create your own version of the templates for your homepage design process.
  • You have lifetime access to the workbook. If I ever need to remove the workbook from my website, I’ll email you the workbook as a document.
  • You cannot sell, sub-licence, distribute, copy, translate, transfer, or otherwise make the workbook available to any other person.
  • The workbook provides general information about homepage content design. It is not specific advice for your organisation and unique situation. I am not liable for any loss or damages you incur in connection with the workbook.