Content with purpose. Strategy with direction.

Hi, I’m Lauren Pope, an independent content strategist for charities, arts and culture, and good business.

I’m a detective, simplifier, and guide for organisations that want to get the right content to the right person at the right time.

Work with me if you want to…

See things as they are, not as you are1 

Get to know the people you’re trying to reach and what they need from you, not just what you want to tell them. I’ll also give you an expert, outside perspective on what’s going on in your organisation.

Figure out who you are and do it on purpose2

You can’t have purposeful content if you don’t know who you are or what you stand for. I can help you pin down your story, messaging and voice so you can make more authentic content.

Know where you’re going (and why)

Set a destination for content success built on a clear, realistic, vision for your organisation.

Turn strategy into action

Develop a step-by-step roadmap for what you need to do to reach your goals. Get ongoing support and guidance as you operationalise and evolve your approach to content.

Make better content, not more content

Stop churning out more and more content. Focus on quality, not quantity. Improve your results, cut your costs, reduce your carbon footprint.

Inspired by 1Anaïs Nin and 2Dolly Parton respectively.

What I do

  • Discovery and research
  • Content auditing
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Content design
  • Brand voice
  • Website redesign support
  • Content operations
  • See more in my portfolio

    I offer these services as standalone projects, or we can combine them to come up with a programme that meets your needs.

    How I work

    I work with clients in three main ways:

    1. Projects: You commission me to do a project for you. I do all the work, with lots of input and collaboration from you and your team. This is a good approach if you don’t have any content strategy skills in-house, or if you’re low on time.
    2. Support: I guide you through the project. You do the work, but I’m there to provide advice, make recommendations, and pick up work when you need help the most. This is a good approach is you want to build skills and knowledge in your team, and/or you have time to invest.
    3. Toolkits: Tried-and-tested content strategy lessons and templates. Get a steer in the right direction from someone who’s been there. Some are free, some are paid for. See the toolkits.

    Get in touch to set up a discovery call and talk about what services and approach you need. It’s totally free, no obligation.


    My clients are varied, but one thing unites them: the desire to create positive change in the world. If you want to make the world better, fairer, or more beautiful, I want to work with you.



    Change Grow Live

    Compassion in Dying

    Hepatitis C Trust

    Trust for Developing Communities

    Covid Brighton & Hove

    Internet Society*

    Mental Health Foundation*

    Clock Tower Sanctuary

    *In partnership with Contentious

    Arts & culture

    Art Fund

    Harewood House

    Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts


    Good business & agency

    Rickshaw Travel




    Brilliant Noise

    What they say about me

    You made me realise just how much a content expert can add to a project. We were suddenly having better conversations and ideas about almost everything because of the perspective and input you brought to the project.

    Ash Mann, Substrakt

    You bring us skills that we don't have, a perspective we don't have based on working for multiple different organisations, an "external lens" that sees insights or connections we can't, and that you push and ask direct, difficult questions.

    Mike Keating, Art Fund

    Working with Lauren on our website project was such a positive experience. She is fantastic at leading workshops, simplifying complicated ideas, and helping you to make sure you have all the right plans and processes in place. I felt infinitely calmer after every catch-up with her.

    Abi Cox, Change Grow Live

    Who am I?

    I’m an independent content strategist, based in Brighton in the UK. I’ve been in content since 2007 and have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including adidas and American Express. I started my own business in 2018 so that I could focus on working with organisations that share my values.

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    I carried out a study of 30 different charity website homepages. I looked at what content elements are included, and the order they appear in. And I’m sharing my findings in this blog post.

    Just like any other content, writing alt text at the last minute is a bad idea. If you’re rushing mistakes will invariably start to creep in.

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