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Find out what’s really going on with your website. 12 modules and 4 templates guide you through planning and carrying out an audit.

The shortcut to an effective content audit

A content audit will give you a comprehensive picture of all the content on your site and whether it’s useful, usable, and up-to-date. It’s a chance to shine a light on the forgotten corners, declutter, reorganise, and improve.

It might seem like a straightforward process (you just need to look at the content, right?) but it’s filled with potential pitfalls. How do you get a list of all your pages? How do you combine multiple data sources? How do you judge pages in a consistent way? Do you audit everything, and if not, how do you choose?

That’s where my toolkit comes in. 

I’ve been doing content audits for over a decade and I’ve fallen in all the pits. I’ve built up a method, tips, and templates to make auditing easier, and gathered them together in this toolkit for you to use.

Toolkit features

12 instructional modules

Optional support

4 helpful templates

Lifetime access

*If I ever take the site down, I’ll send you the files to keep.

Get this toolkit if you want to...

Increase sales and retention

Identify improvements to your content, and make a positive impact on KPIs like sales and retention.

Spot gaps and opportunities

See what's missing from your site and reveal opportunities for new content.

Cut your carbon footprint

Reveal outdated, unused content that you can delete to cut the carbon footprint of your site.

Improve your user experience

Highlight ways to improve the experience your users have on your site through better content.

Get a prioritised to-do list

Get a clear idea of where to focus your time and effort to improve your content.

Save time

Don't waste time defining criteria and building spreadsheets - they're all included.

"This content audit toolkit was exactly what I needed to get started. It breaks down a daunting task into a simple and straightforward method. I use the template regularly, adapting it to fit the needs of the different clients I work for. It's built my confidence and given me a really excellent base to hone my craft."
Zosia Poulter
"Lauren’s toolkit is one of the best investments a content practitioner can make. It is a methodical, step-by-step guide, which demystifies not just how to do a content audit, but how to do it well. The toolkit helps you to identify your approach and comes packed with indispensable tools and templates. For me, the particular win is Lauren's tips on how to communicate your findings. This makes it easy to share all that hard work in a way that stakeholders will understand"
Clare Scott
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Who is this for?

The toolkit is for anyone who wants to get to know their website inside out, whether it’s 500 pages or 100,000 pages.

You can use it as training if you want to learn a new skill, or to support you through the process of doing an audit. 


What can it help with?

  • Preparing for a website redesign or refresh
  • Taking stock of your content as part of a new role
  • Trying to get back in control of a sprawling website
  • Identifying opportunities to improve your content
  • Supporting a product/service/campaign launch

Get a free content audit planner and email course

Not convinced that a content audit is right for you? Want to understand more before you take the plunge? Get a free content audit planner and a mini email course to help you learn more.

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£ 295 Plus VAT
  • 12 modules
  • 4 templates
  • Lifetime access


£ 495 Plus VAT
  • 12 modules
  • 4 templates
  • 2 x 45 minute support calls
  • Lifetime access


£ 4000 Prices start from
  • I do your audit for you
  • Built around your needs
  • No fuss, no effort
  • (This service is only for non-profits and social enterprises)

Risk free. If you’re not happy with the toolkit, email me for a refund within 7 days.

Already paid for one of my toolkits? Email me at to buy.  This is for annoying technical reasons. I’ll give you a discount to make up for it.

Free options

If you work for a charity with an income of £100,000 a year or less you can get the Standard audit toolkit for free. Email me at to get access. Be sure to email from your charity email address.

If you’re disadvantaged because of your race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, something else, or if you’re in financial hardship, you can pay what you feel for the Standard toolkit.  It could be £1, £10, or another figure that feels right to you.  Email me at to get access. Don’t feel like you need to explain yourself, I believe you.

Before you buy...

  • This toolkit won’t do the whole audit for you. It’s a method and a collection of time-saving templates, not a full automation. You need to be able to invest time in completing the audit to get value from it.
  • If you have a very small, simple website this toolkit might be overkill for you.
  • The toolkit templates have been designed for Google Sheets and Google Slides. I have provided copies for Excel and PowerPoint, and in open document format. These copies have not been optimised, and you may need to edit them in order for them to work as intended.
  • I recommend two paid tools as part of the methodology: Screaming Frog and URL Profiler. I also include free alternatives, but you may want to consider the paid tools as part of your budgeting before you buy.
  • The toolkit is risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, email me within seven days for a full refund.
  • After you pay, you will be able to log in and see the modules on this website and make copies of the templates. I will also email you a link to the toolkit.
  • When you buy the toolkit, you are buying a licence to use it and create your own version of the templates for your content audit(s). 
  • You have lifetime access to the toolkit. If I ever need to remove the toolkit from my website, I will email you the toolkit as a document.
  • You cannot sell, sub-license, distribute, copy, translate, transfer, or otherwise make the toolkit available to any other person. But you can upgrade to team access for an extra £20 per person – email me to get set up.
  • The toolkit provides general information about content audits. It is not specific advice for your business and unique situation. I am not liable for any loss or damages you incur in connection with the toolkit.


A big thank you to all the people who helped to shape this content by taking part in user interviews or testing it for me, including:


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