How to do a content audit

If you want to find out how to do a content audit, this video is a good place to start. In 30 minutes, you’ll get an introduction to content auditing, including:

  • what a content audit is
  • why you should do one
  • 4 different approaches you can take
  • how to choose criteria to audit against
  • how to do the auditing itself
  • how to turn your findings into action

I’ll also share lots of tips that I use to make auditing quicker, easier, and more effective. This video was filmed for my ‘How to do a content audit’ event.

Prefer to look at the slides?. Download the presentation as a PDF.

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Ready to do a content audit?

If you want to do a content audit, but need a helping hand to get started, take a look at my content audit toolkit.

Content audit toolkit

From £295

Find out what’s really going on with your website. This toolkit is made up of 12 modules and 4 templates to guide you through planning and carrying out an effective audit. Spot ways to improve your user experience, increase conversion, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Who’s it for?

The toolkit is for anyone who wants to get to know their website inside out, whether it’s 100 pages or 100,000 pages.

You can use it as training if you want to learn a new skill, or to support you through the process of doing an audit.

What can it help with?

  • Increasing sales and retention: Identify improvements to your content, and make a positive impact on KPIs like sales and retention.
  • Spotting gaps and opportunities: See what’s missing from your site and reveal opportunities for new content.
  • Cutting your carbon footprint: Reveal outdated, unused content that you can delete to cut the carbon footprint of your site.
  • Improving your user experience: Highlight ways to improve the experience your users have on your site through better content.
  • Getting a prioritised to-do list: Get a clear idea of where to focus your time and effort to improve your content.
  • Saving time: Don’t waste time defining criteria and building spreadsheets – they’re all included.

What’s the cost?

The toolkit costs £295 for the standard version, and £595 for the premium version. (No VAT.)

The standard version is free if you work for a charity with an income of £100,000 a year or less. Just email me at and I’ll get you sorted. (Be sure to use your charity email address.)

If you’re unemployed, unwaged, or in financial hardship and this will help you on your career path, you can pay what you feel (£0, £1, £10, £100 whatever). Email me at for access. This operates on integrity, so you don’t need to provide evidence of your hardship – I believe you. I trust that people will not use this option to get a discount on something they can afford but don’t want to pay for.

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