Working my butt off, my month in review.


What I’m working on right now.

Designing an IA, setting up audits, applying for grants, and a little celebration: my week in review.

Massaging the messaging, strategy as ‘don’ts’, and project stretching: my week in review.

Bodging, workshopping, and consolidating gigantic lists of keywords: my week in review.


Working my butt off, my month in review.

A minimal digital illustration of a table covered in Lego blocks

What do Lego and information architecture (IA) have in common? Yes, I’m doing one of those ‘what can we learn from a totally unrelated thing?’ posts.

A woman trying to fix everything everywhere all at once, surrounded by chaos

Content people don't have to fix everything, everywhere, all at once. Really.

A roy lichtenstein painting of an agony aunt with dark bobbed hair and glasses writing an answer to someone's problems on a macbook

In the first instalment of my new content strategy agony aunt series, someone asks what it means to deliver a content strategy.

A minimalist digital illustration of a woman wearing glasses a sitting at a table in a cafe writing in a diary on new year's eve with pages from a calendar and clocks flying around her

Finding a niche, walking the line between content and service design, trusting the process, and accessing charity services myself: my 2022 in review.

People sit on benches in winter clothes reading emails on their phones as ideas appear around them

It’s the end of the year, so that means it’s time for a round-up of the 10 links that got the most clicks out of everything I shared in my newsletter, 10 Things, in 2022.

A minimalist digital illustration of a website with a helping hand reaching of of one side of the screen and a hand holding money reaching out of the other.

Why content strategy is a great investment for charities, not just in terms of meeting users needs, but in generating income.

A minimalist digital illustration of a person sitting at a computer-designing a website homepage and looking stressed.

Is your homepage a bit ‘meh’? The real problem might not be what’s on the page, but how you’re deciding what to put on the page.

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