Tried-and-tested content strategy lessons and templates. Get a steer in the right direction from someone who’s been there.

What's a content strategy toolkit?

Starting a piece of content strategy work but not completely sure how to go about it?

You could do some research: crawl the web for blog posts and case studies, ask on Twitter/Slack, read the books, and piece together a method. But that takes a lot of reading and time, and you still might not get the detail you need to replicate the work yourself. And you might not find anything that relates to your specific context.

You could look for training, but often it’s too broad and impersonal, or doesn’t get into enough detail about the specific thing you need to do.

You could hire someone to do the work for you, but that can be expensive. Plus you’re paying someone else to gather knowledge about your users and your content that would be even more valuable if it stayed in your team.

What you need is something practical, specific, concise, and affordable (or free) to guide you. Something to give you a tried-and-tested method and show you how to apply it to your context.

That’s where my toolkits come in.

With a toolkit, you get lessons, methods, and templates that have been created by an experienced content strategist, and tested in lots of real-life scenarios. A toolkit won’t do the work for you, but it will give you the guidance you need to do it yourself.

Why get a toolkit

Save time

No need to research, read a book, design a method, create a spreadsheet. It’s all there in the toolkit for you to use.

Avoid the rookie mistakes

I’ve made all the mistakes before, so I can help you avoid them.

100% risk free

If you’re not happy with the toolkit, email me for a refund within 7 days.

Free options

Some toolkits are totally free.

Lifetime access

Pay once, yours forever*.

 *If I ever take the site down, I’ll send you the files to keep.

Learn new skills

You’ll take away new skills and learn more about your users and content.

Practical by design

Toolkits are made up of step-by-step methods and reusable templates. They're not about theory - they're about practical application.

Equity offering

Pay what you can option available. And free for charities with income under £100,000.

Optional support

Premium options with one-to-one support call​s available.

Who are toolkits for?

  • Content practitioners attempting a task for the first time, and wanting some reassurance they’re doing the right thing
  • Designers or UXers or marketers who want a content strategy steer on what they’re working on
  • Anyone feeling intimidated by the content strategy task ahead of them
  • Anyone who’d like to hire a content strategist but can’t afford it

All toolkits

Content strategy canvas

Demystify content strategy. If you’ve got no idea where to start with creating a content strategy document, this canvas is for you. This toolkit includes a canvas worksheet and lots of notes and tips to help you complete it.

Charity homepage content toolkit

Build a clear plan for the content on your charity website homepage. Avoid the angst and design content that balances user needs with stakeholder wants. This toolkit includes 6 modules and worksheets to help you decide what content you need and why.

Homepage workbook

Less guesswork, more game plan. Six modules and worksheets to give you a structured, strategic approach to deciding what content to put on your homepage.

Content audit toolkit

Find out what’s really going on with your website. This toolkit is made up of 12 modules and 4 templates to guide you through planning and carrying out an effective audit. Spot ways to improve your user experience, increase conversion, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Content audit planner

Plan an effective content audit from start to finish. With a solid plan you’ll get buy-in, save time, and get better outcomes. This toolkit includes a template and a 5-part email course.

Content checklist

Spot common content mistakes and omissions with this checklist. Make sure your content is useful, usable, and ready to go before you hit ‘publish’.

Content brief

Find out how to write a content brief. A comprehensive brief will act as a blueprint for your project, helping you get off to a great start and stay on track for a successful finish.

More toolkits coming soon…

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